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    Creative Expansion helps companies and business leaders “creatively expand” revenue and recognition campaigns. We offer communications, business development, and sales solutions.

  • Expand Sales and Business Development

    We develop strategies for storytelling, partnerships, and brand ambassadorship.

    We advise conscious companies, ethical brands, forward-thinking book authors, and business thought leaders to find greater purpose, passion and profit.

  • We Exist to Create a Better World

    Creative Expansion delivers digital marketing, sales, funnel-building, and business development solutions through a private network of talent and service providers.

  • Riding the Sustainability and Social Good Wave

    “Brands that establish a reputation for environmental stewardship among today’s youngest consumers have an opportunity to not only grow market share but build loyalty among the power-spending millennials of tomorrow.”

    Grace Farraj, SVP
    Public Development Sustainability, Nielsen



We work with brands to create business development and communications campaigns promoting their social innovation and environmental responsibility. The mission of the conscious business leaders and companies we serve is to maximize profits putting people and the planet first, rather than the other way around. Businesses that apply this principle perform better.

Our network includes designers, advisors, consultants, and partners available for your organization’s unique priorities and growth plans. We believe business is a lever of positive impact to create a more sustainable and fulfilling world for all. We design and develop sales, marketing, and communications solutions for conscious companies, ethical entrepreneurs, for-benefit brands, and book authors.

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Business Development

Pipelines and Funnel-Building

Lead Generation

Sales Strategy & Operations

Corporate Sponsorship Strategy

Strategic Partnerships



Brand Narratives and Storytelling

Campaign Messaging and Product Positioning

Press and PR

Website Development

Promotional Videos

Digital Media Strategy


Book and eBook Self-Publishing

Design & Formatting

Marketing & Distribution

Thought Leadership

Campaign Planning

Speaking & Book Tour Strategy


Our clients are conscious leaders focused on driving profit and impact as a combination supporting humanity and the planet.


Andy Orgel

Andy Orgel

Disruptive Media Expert

Media, Entertainment + Technology Start-Up Executive of Disruptive, Iconic Global Network Brands, LOOKtv Network

Kene Turner

Kene Turner

Entrepreneurship Coach

Co-Founder and President, EpiLife Consulting
Nationally Recognized Entrepreneurship Trainer and Teacher

Monaica Ledell

Monaica Ledell

Strategy & Positioning Expert

Chief Visionary & President, Truth Hacking, LLC
Expert Personal Brand Strategist and Positioner

Spencer Ton

Spencer Ton

Impact Investor

Entrepreneur, Impact Investing & Philanthropy Leader

Rich Wilson

Rich Wilson

Design | Marketing | Strategy

Founder and CEO | VeepStack

Kate Byrne

Kate Byrne

Media Marketing Expert

Vice President, Business Development, Partnership & Membership at Watermark

Aaron Ableman

Aaron Ableman

Award-Winning Artist/Author

Award-Winning United Nations Artist Ambassador and Author; Expert on Entertainment / Education; United Nation’s Acclaimed Producer; Huff Post Blogger

Nina Pacifico

Nina Pacifico

Web and Graphic Designer

Web and Graphic Designer

Alex Berryhill

Alex Berryhill

Press & Communications Specialist

PP and Marketing Specialist
Owner & Director of Operations at Gaea Solutions


 David Hopkins

David Hopkins

Managing Partner

David is the lead marketing, business development, strategy and communications strategist for Creative Expansion. He helps move ideas and messages forward for founders and business leaders creating profits with positive impact.

Previously, he led new partner memberships, business development, and sales for GameChangers. Similar to how Fortune 500 ranks organizations on revenue, GameChangers ranks the top For-Benefit companies, such as Patagonia, Tesla, Whole Foods, and IDEO, based on their ability to make a profound positive impact using business as a force for good. After leading the research process to create the GC500 list, David’s clients included for-benefit brand leaders like Etsy, Zappos, Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Center, Getaround, and Recology.

He is also the co-author of The Tactics of Hope: How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World (with mentor and author Wilford Welch; foreword by Desmond Tutu). He speaks at events on topics including for-benefit business, evolved enterprises, purpose-driven leadership, corporate social responsibility, design thinking, and empathic collaboration.

David also serves as an advisory board member of The Fourth Sector Council, helping to gather information on all organizations that have a primarily social and/or environmental purpose through commercial activity.


Along the arc of progress, we will look back on this era as the shift that catalyzed a new evolutionary phase of humanity supported by conscious business leaders. This transformation will be noted as the time when the world’s best and brightest business leaders stood up to champion solutions that make the world work for 100% of humanity. 

It will be because we embraced collaboration, communication, and compassion as social currencies of the 21st century. On behalf of our network and advisors, thank you and we look forward to learning more about how we can serve your brand’s growth and creative expansion.


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